Born in Paris France two decades ago, Partema is an international sales promotion and event agency specialising in travel retail, mostly operating in airports.

Every day, over 200 Partema Promotion Managers work on the field in Paris, Nice, Geneva, Basel, Zurich, to promote the image and boost the sales of top luxury and premium brands.



The customer is our wealth. To make her/him happy, we always keep in sight 3 core objectives: to better attract, to better inform, to better engage and retain a close and never-ending business relationship with a brand, a product or a service.

Starting from a basic on-site promotion to a complex hybrid one - involving state of the art digital software and hardware such as 3D holograms, robots -, our different jobs remain the same: to be managed by and for human beings.



150 international brands, leaders in their field: gastronomy, wines and spirits, cigars and tobacco, perfumes and cosmetics, electronic goods, jewels and watches.



We do like diversity. Aged from 17 to 67, from autodidact to PhD, over 30 different nationalities are present. These very special individuals mixed all-together in our teams, are our strength and benefiting to our clients.

To be hired, at first each team mate goes through a demanding recruitment process, based on traditional and state of the art digital technics - such as video-conferencing, mobile CRM and a private social network -, then our internal Training Department enters into regular action when daily on the field, our Team Leaders are closely supporting, coaching and managing each Team Mate.

Partema France

47 Allée des Impressionnistes
BP 65192
95974 Roissy Charles de Gaulle Cedex
+33 (0)1 8578 7750

Partema Switerland

Rue Adrien-Lachenal 20,
Case Postale 6587
1207 Geneva 6
+41 (0)78 686 76 00